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Speech Therapy for Children
Speech Therapy for Adults

Speech Therapy for Adults

Why Speech Therapy?
Private speech therapy enhances the adult's communication skills in both professional and social settings. Improving speech skills builds confidence in all aspects of the client's life. Cheryl Gilman combines her speech modification and relaxation techniques to significantly improve the client's presentation and overall communication skills. Cheryl's experience includes working with adults in private practice, the work place, hospitals, and nursing homes. Her experience in business, medical, and educational facilities enables her to design communication programs to meet the individual needs of the professionals within these settings.
Clients include professionals such as: accountants, actors, bankers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, students, and teachers.
Therapy is available at the Danbury, CT office, or at your location. Flexible hours are available.  Services are also available on the phone or via the computer (using SKYPE) for the client located at a distance.

Services Provided:

  • Accent Reduction: Foreign or Regional Dialects
  • Articulation Therapy: Eliminate Speech Errors
  • Diction Training: Articulate Professionally
  • Eliminate Mumbling: Slow Down Rate of Speech
  • Presentation Skills: Combine Articulate Speech with Relaxation Exercises
  • Rehabilitation Therapy: Speech, Language, Swallowing Therapy
  • Speech Feminization: Services are available in person or on the phone for the busy or client located at a distance
  • Stuttering Therapy
  • Voice Therapy: Hoarseness, Vocal Quality, Pitch

Cheryl Gilman